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Whether you know where you want to go or you're just looking for a deal, give me a call!   
My experience and connections will make planning a customized vacation turn out to be a perfectly planned experience for you. Stress Free and just as you want it. You can easily stay in multiple locations or spend all of your time in one central location, branching out to different villages. 
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Europe is home to more UNESCO sites than any other continent.  You can check off so many items from your bucket list and see true history.  
Castles, Beaches, natural formations, just being in a new environment and experiencing the food and culture.  7-14 days would be a great 1st trip to see 2-5 countries in Europe.   
I would pick a favorite and then we can see what is on sale from there, you may end up someone you never thought you would be, seeing something amazing that you never thought you would.  
You easily stay in multiple locations or spend all of your time in one central location.  How do you like to travel?  It's your trip?  
Italy is one of the most popular locations because it is so diverse.  Mountains in the North and right down the middle and beaches all around, there is something here for everyone.  
Italy is about the size of Arizona all stretched out.  There is a train system or you can utilize a car transfer.  I would not suggest flying from city to city because you miss the country side and that is what you are there for.  
You can Cruise around Italy from Rome to Venice or back or you can take a trip to the cities you want to see, Venice, Rome, Florence, Sicily any combination.  
If you really want to see the canals and boats in Venice I would do so in the next 5 years or so, they city is sinking as it is.  The architecture here is stunning.  
Rome is full of history as it has been around since, the Roman times!  When booking your package with a tour of the colosseum you will be able to skip the line!  (Well worth it!)
Venice, Italy
Athens, Greece
Greece has over 6000 islands, only 54 of them have a population over 1000 people and over 107 of them are even inhabitable. 
The Acropolis of Athens is the most striking and complete ancient Greek monumental complex still existing in our times. It is situated on a hill approximately 1 mile high.  
Santorini and Crete are the best islands to visit, you will always find hotels, restaurants and easy to get around 
Pano Koufonisi is the smallest and most densely populated island. It has an area of 2.2 miles² and 366 residents. 
Agistri is a very affordable option. 
Mykonos. The best nightlife and clubbing.
Macedonia – The most beautiful part of Greece in Northern Greece.
Plan a 7-14 day trip to visit all the islands easily!  You can stay at one and travel to others for the day or you can stay on different islands and get the full experience!
South Africa
South Africa