Why use a Travel Agent???

  • Options, as a Vacation Specialist, one of the questions I hear most is “why should I book with a travel agent, when I can simply book directly on the web?”  You can, but you may not get what the picture presents.  You also may be stuck at an airport in a foreign country wondering how to get to your hotel?
  • Purchasing a vacation should be a personal experience.  All Cruises/Resorts are not alike, and the best vacation experience is one where the itinerary is matched to you!  
  • I can offer you the entire package. Travel insurance, pre and post hotels, independent or group tours for the items that sell out.  Skip the line passes so you don't waste your vacation standing in the hot sun in line.
  • I understand that you can Google anything and come up with a GREAT deal, when you arrive you may find out it's not such a great deal or the "type" of resort you prefer. Do you want to waste you vacation time sitting through a time share presentation?  Show up at a nudist resort or pay for amenities you are not going to use?
  • I want to be your travel agent for life. I am only a phone call away, text or email away with any question you have.
  • This is my investment to you. I will book you the items you want and give you my honest opinion. I hold full discretion if you do choose to go to a resort that is a bit "on the wild side" or you just don't want anyone to know your leaving the country.  It's your business.  Your friends will not find out. I guarantee that if you are eligible for perks, (Senior, Military, Birthday, Anniversary, Honeymoon, Firefighter, or frequent traveler) I can get them, even though that mean less total dollar value.
  • My service and expertise does not stop at the deposit.  I am working behind the scenes to make sure that when you show up, all is taken care of.  I promise to set myself apart from other Direct Booking sites by giving you my undivided attention.
1. Your time is precious. Who wants to spend hours sorting through the hundreds itinerary options?  Your Travel Agent will be happy to do the work for you – it’s what they love to do.
2.  Complete door-to-door service.   Do you need a ride to or from the ship?  Air transportation?  A hotel the night before or after your cruise?  A shore tour?  I will use my connections to set it all up in advance so you have a complete of an itinerary as you want when you walk out your front door.
3.  Reliable Pricing.  As a Travel Agent I have access to many suppliers who all put different things on sale at different times.  
4.  Unbiased information.  I am able to, with the help of other agents, give you the CORRECT information about changes in COVID requirements.  I am also an independent agent and I am working for you, not a particular travel supplier or cruise line so I have no bias to where you choose to stay.  I will give you my opinion or the opinion of 1 of 1000's of agents I have access to.   
5.  Personalized Service. Have you ever been frustrated with the 800-number of large web-based agencies, waiting on hold, unreturned phone calls, or misinformation?  I will do the sitting on hold for you if necessary.  
6.  Agents Have Your Back.  If any problems should arise before or during your vacation, I can help fix it, or explain to you the whys of what is happening. 


What to pack and what not to?

  • Don't Over pack!!!  You will always bring home more than you take, so leave room.  
  • Make sure you know the weight limit on the plane, and don't make it your goal to reach it.  
  • Mix and match your clothes, you do not need a 6 pair of shoes for 6 days.  So hard to not do, I know! 

Know the 3-1-1

  • 3.4 Ounces Containers of liquid or less through security.
  • 1 Clear Zip Lock Bags with as many 3.4 ounce containers as fit.
  • 1 per person, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Your carry on must fit under your seat.